Current Projects

National Drug Information Network Project(NATDIN)

The Inter-American Drug Control Commission (CICAD) was established over 20 years ago and currently serves the 34 member states of the Organization of American States (OAS). Its core mission is to strengthen the human and institutional capabilities and harness the collective energy
of its member states to reduce the production, trafficking and use of drugs in the Americas.

In 2000, the Inter-American Observatory on Drugs was formed as the statistics, information and research unit of CICAD. Its main mission is to help promote and build a drug information network for the Americas that offers objective, reliable, up-to-date and comparative information so that its
member states can better understand, design and implement policies and programs to confront the drug phenomenon in all its dimensions.

The OID works to promote the development and establishment of National Drug Observatories and
the use of standardized data and methodologies. It also functions to assist member states improve their capacity to collect and analyze drug statistics and to implement drug surveys and other
studies. [Read More]

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