The expressed objective of the SAACS website is that through your participation
and interaction via this web space we can work together to hinder the initiation of substance abuse by providing relevant information and skills necessary to prevent the onset of drug related problems.
Further we invite you to join us at the secretariat as we seek to forge ties and establish coalitions with
other interested persons from the general public, private sectors and NGOs to provide impetus to
the Secretariat's anti-drug activities. .

It is generally known that drug abuse affects all sectors of the society. It cuts across all sociological indicators such as age, class, ethnic and gender barriers. SAACS seeks to utilize a collaborative strategy
to qualitatively enhance the success of the programmes addressing drug abuse and its attendant
problems in a manner that is consistent with national policies and interests. Therefore, drug abuse is a problem we all have to take ownership of and must collectively identify solutions to. We again welcome
you, solicit your support and invite your ideas through your participation via this medium.

Clem Edward- Director of SAACS
is a graduate of University of Southern Caribbean

Addition Information

The Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat is a government agency within the Ministry of Health and Labour Relations. It is the administrative body of the government efforts in the anti-drug activity in St. Lucia regionally and internationally

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