Current Projects

Sidewalk Project :

 Following the example of an international anti-tobacco organization, the Secretariat sought to use
 the image of a chalk outline of a human body on the streets of Castries accompanied by small
 signs to bring home the message to passing pedestrians that alcohol kills. This was the first stage
 of many anti-drug activities planned by the Secretariat. These activities will be held in different
 venues around the island, in order to reach as many people and as wide a cross section of
 individuals as possible.

Hands off Drugs Workbooks :

 In an effort to bring the anti-drug/healthy living message to children ages 8 - 10, the Secretariat has  distributed about 2000 Healthy Living Activity books to 13 primary schools in District 1. The
 teachers of these schools will coordinate this activity, which includes an evaluation to assess the  overall impact of this initiative.

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