Slang - coke, dust, rock (crack)

Get the facts.

 Cocaine affects the brain.
The word "cocaine" refers to a drug in both the powder (cocaine)  and crystal (crack) form. It is made from the coca plant and causes a short-lived high that is  immediately followed by opposite, intense feelings of depression, edginess and a craving
 for more of the drug. Cocaine may be snorted as a powder, converted to a liquid form for injection
 with a needle or processed into a crystal form to be smoked.

 Cocaine affects your body. People who use cocaine often don't sleep regularly. They can  experience increased heart rate, muscle spasms and convulsions. If they snort cocaine, they can  also permanently damage their nasal tissue.

 Cocaine affects your emotions. Using cocaine can make you feel paranoid, angry, hostile  and anxious even when you are not high.

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