About Us

 What is SAACS? - The Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat (SAACS) is a
 government  agency within the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Family Affairs, National
 Mobilisation, Human Services  and Gender Relations. It is the administrative body of the
 Government efforts in the anti-drug activity in Saint Lucia, regionally and internationally.

 How is the SAACS managed? - SAACS is guided through an advisory council mandated by
 cabinet  and operates through the drug misuse and control act #22 of 1988. The Advisory
 Council comprises  of representatives from the public, private and NGO sector. The Secretariat,
 which is the implementing arm of the Advisory Council is headed by a Director and assisted
 by Programme Officers and support staff.

 What is the objective of the SAACS? - The objective of the SAACS is to develop, monitor
 and  coordinate an effective and supportive campaign against the Supply and Demand for illicit
 drugs and  the reduction of the abuse of licit substances. Collectively, members of the
 Secretariat have a broad  mandate in attending to all issues that relate to substance abuse and
 illicit drug trafficking.


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