Invitation from the Director  

  "The Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat is challenged to foster
a drug free St. Lucia. As part of its mandate, the Secretariat develops
policies and implements programmes tailored to converge with the needs of individuals, communities and the wider society. SAACS recognizes that
there is need for a balanced and coordinated approach encompassing supply
, control and demand reduction programmes. SAACS seeks to develop programmes which mutually reinforce each other for effectively addressing the problem on all

Central to the activities of the Secretariat is the development and effecting of an aggressive drug
abuse prevention campaign. The objective of this campaign is the implementation of an action plan, focusing on control mechanisms to prevent as well as reduce drug use and abuse of both licit and illicit substances. Further there has always been a need for development of an educational
component aimed at the broad spectrum of society, with the overall thrust being the promotion and adoption of healthy living, positive decision making, and the early prevention interaction at all levels
of the society.

It is in this regard that we welcome you to the launching of the SAACS website. [Read More]

Addition Information

The Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat is a government agency within the Ministry of Health and Labour Relations. It is the administrative body of the government efforts in the anti-drug activity in St. Lucia regionally and internationally

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